MRP was looking for a new anchor tenant at the Marin, a new building on the DC Waterfront. They wanted to fill the space with an attractive business that would use the waterfront view and attract both residential customers and visitors from nearby Nationals Park. MRP is also heavily invested in developing the Buzzard Point neighborhood and was looking for a business that would link the surrounding neighborhoods.


MRP knew that they wanted a food and beverage tenant for the Marin. Dochter & Alexander partnered with well-respected bar and restaurant operators the Hilton brothers to put together the right team and find best-in-class operators for the new freestanding space. We explored a variety of options, including full-service restaurants, and identified a casual, exciting business that would be an anchor for the neighborhood—Solace Brewing Company, who were interested in expanding from Virginia.


Solace’s first DC taproom has been very successful. It offers a full food menu and even brews beer on site. Solace Outpost draws both residential customers and baseball fans and serves as an anchor property for MRP, one that takes full advantage of a large space and a waterfront location