Scotch & Soda

Born in Amsterdam, Scotch & Soda’s clothing collections are the ultimate expressions of creative freedom. From eclectic statements to richly detailed essentials, they unite original design with clever functionality to bring a modern, versatile wardrobe that lasts.


Scotch & Soda, a prestigious international brand didn’t want to follow the traditional retail path. They came to Dochter & Alexander to help them find a location that combines critical retail mass with an edginess and cool factor that set it apart from more traditional retail spaces.


After looking at customers in the area and using insights into other brands that were planning to open locations nearby, Dochter & Alexander identified Union Market, a rapidly growing neighborhood, as a location. We played matchmaker between a tenant looking for a cool location and a landlord looking to build value and were able to secure a space on a very strong corner. Dochter & Alexander excels at finding these locations that sit at the intersection of robust data and a local’s feel for the streets.


Dochter & Alexander was able to structure the deal to offset the initial risk of opening in a new market, putting our client in the position to make the deal that they wanted. With a first store in DC established, we’re continuing to evaluate additional market for further expansion.