Van Leeuwen
National Advisory Group, Tenant

Ben and Pete Van Leeuwen and Laura O’Neill started Van Leeuwen Ice Cream out of a yellow truck on the streets of NYC in 2008, with the mission to make good ice cream, from good ingredients, that makes you feel good.


When Van Leeuwen, armed with a fresh venture capital investment, wanted to expand nationally in February 2020, they came to Dochter & Alexander for help identifying ideal locations across the country.


Dochter & Alexander developed a national playbook based on detailed data about Van Leeuwen’s customers, demographics, markers, and competitors. This data changes each year, so we update the playbook annually. Dochter & Alexander balances the science of data analysis with the art of real estate and marketing: what statement does each location make about the business? Dochter & Alexander’s National Advisory Group goes beyond a typical real estate brokerage and essentially acts as a full-service real estate team for its clients, identifying locations and then leading leasing negotiations.


Dochter & Alexander has identified emerging markets and transacted in Houston, Dallas, Philadelphia, Denver, and DC. We partner with other local brokerages in each city to provide the kind of street-level knowledge that Dochter & Alexander has historically provided to its DC-area clients. We remained a valuable partner during the COVID-19 pandemic and adjusted our strategy accordingly to take advantage of new market opportunities. Dochter & Alexander remains an ongoing, long-term partner, serving as Van Leeuwen’s outsourced real estate department.

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